How To Help Your Children Instill Grit Mindset and Become Successful In Life without yelling and stress

Your Children Success Begin In Here

Hi, my name is Stephanie Murphy and welcome to the grit mindset system.

If you are a parent or need to take care of children and you want them to be confident, with a grit attitude and be successful, then this article is for you.

The grit mindset system or the TGM will change the life of both you and your children for a better future – guaranteed.

TGM will benefit you by making your children successful and be independent, unleash the talent with grit mindset in your children and they will be happier in life and see challenges as opportunities. I will explain what we mean in just a few minutes.

The most important tip will be revealed toward the end of this free presentation, and as you watch now you will discover the 3 tips on how parents can create a grit mindset environment for their kids, the importance of grit mindset and effect it brings to children in a lifetime and how you can teach children to instill grit mindset.

This video will not be free much longer, so pay close attention to this video, as there is something here for you.

Before we dive in, I am going to share something from my personal life that, to be honest, somewhat embarrassing story. Before I developed the TGM, I used to work during the daytime, and I had to take care of 3 children which is very stressful.

As I really wanted my kids to be successful, I bought all types of resources, the educational toys, send them to the best school, hired the most expensive private tutor and bought all the required educational materials. 

Despite all the efforts and money I spent,  my kids still performed poorly in school in both academic results and other activities.

My children are wonderful kids in many ways but they complain so much, they complain about classmates in their school, complain about homework, complain if there aren’t enough snacks in the house, complain about their teachers, complain when our schedule is too busy or too empty, etc.  When I have talked to them about this in the past they say,  “I guess I shouldn’t share my feelings then,”  “I’m going to stop telling you how I really feel,”  “You just want me to be perfect,” etc.


They were not performing well in their after-school activities, and my children have had a very bad relationship with me. I tried to talk to them and they think that the homework and all the extra-curricular activities are pointless.

My husband was very stressed as well due to the nature of his job and he would always scold the children’s for being loud, noisy and for all the complains they have. He would always wanted the kids to perform better at school, he gives his best effort to teach the kids by helping them with their homework, but things keep on getting worse. The children were not improving at all, they seem to be tired and demotivated all the time. The kids were unable to focus on any task assigned to them.

The Pain Continues..

One day my second son came back from school and he was quite upset as he did not perform well in the exam. I was really worried about him. My husband and I tried to talk out with him, but he was so depressed that he shut the door right at our face and locked himself in the room. No matter how many times we have tried to talk to him he remains silent. We were really worried about our son and I blamed myself several times for not being able to help them properly.

After a few days, the piano teacher of my elder son called me up. I was getting nervous what mess has he created this time. I can’t handle the pressure of my job and manage the household with all the children problem. I am tired of hearing complain from their teachers. I hopped on the bus and arrived at the piano class. 

The teacher was waiting for me...

Once I have entered the room, I sat on the chair beside my son. The piano teacher told me, that he is not focusing at class at all. His mind seems to be drifting apart. He misses the notes, gets angry and then smashes the piano keys, tears the piano book apart and does not want to be here at all. I sighed and apologized on behalf of my son. Took my son out of the teacher’s room and got back home by bus.

I was frustrated, exhausted and I got so angry at him. I screamed at him and told whatever came to my mind.

I have a full-time job and I must handle the household chores and my children’s as well. They are just literally making my all effort meaningless. When my husband back home, he rushed towards me and stopped me from saying gibberish stuff to my son. I hugged my husband, screamed at the top of lungs and cried, cried until my heart stopped hurting. I am just tired of this struggle.

All my effort seems to be meaningless...

 When will I able to see my children happy? Not to mention be successful and find what they want in life. Will it be only a dream for me? What have I done wrong? I mean what else can I do. All these thoughts made me numb, my husband took me to my bedroom, and I fell asleep. I really need to calm myself down.

Both of us have failed severely to properly groom our kids.  One day I decided I need a change. Therefore I have researched into details about the methods and strategies of grit mindset and the secrets why some people managed to be successful in their career and still able to spare time and help their children grow successfully.

I took several counseling sessions to understand my psychology, took several group counseling session with my children’s to reduce the gap with them.

I took a course for psychology, attended several seminar and workshop on child psychology. I also seek help from a professional counselor, a psychiatrist working in the child psychology field and then by spending countless hours of research and hard work I have finally cracked the system and able to achieve the success that I have been yearning for.

I keep thinking to myself..

With a lot of hard work, finally my kid's attitude is much better and they are more confident. They are more positive and willing to take challenges, and most importantly they are happier – isn't that what matters the most?

My success...

My eldest son is now a senior manager in a conglomerate company, my daughter is a doctor and the youngest one is pursuing his interest as an entrepreneur, although he had yet to become a millionaire, he is enjoying what he does and working hard towards his goal for financial freedom, and I consider this is a successful parenting.

You can do it too

Please remember that, despite my success today when it comes to parenting, I am no different than you.

I just happened to figure out a simple, step-by-step formula for the average person like you and me to see massive results when it comes to achieving the success that we have been yearning for as a parent.


I will share every little detail; this will help you to grow your kids. I really do not want other parents to go through the same trauma that I have gone through. I want every parent to appreciate their child for who they are. After all, nothing makes a parent much happier than the success of his own child. Words are not enough to explain such emotions.

But first, we must warn you that society has always lied to you that hard work pays off. But hard work is meaningless if the mindset is not prepared. Both the child and parents need to build a grit mindset to have a successful life and well-balanced mental health. To build grit mindset one thing must be avoided. That you must choose the right words, they are like poison in the top of the shelves. So be very careful of the words you say to your children


Then we also need to understand the difference between gift and grit.

  • You should only build a short term grit and make it a habit: People always want to build grit not only for their children but for themselves. But let’s face it, it is impossible to push yourself to do something you feel uncomfortable and be disciplined every day. This is just simply against nature will of the human being.


Girt should be built in your child’s mindset for a short period of time and let it become a habit naturally. It is difficult to have grit mindset suddenly. It takes time to get habituated to it. Build the grit mindset for a short period of time and slowly turn it into a habit bit by bit. Let us take small steps at a time.

Teach your child to understand the difference between gift and grit. A child who is gifted with photographic memory will be good at memorizing and getting good grades easier, but your child may not be able to achieve good grades at all subjects such as maths.

You can educate your children and help them to realize that they can achieve good grades by learning different techniques to study, make good notes and many other techniques which will help them to get good grades as well. Make them realize they have equal value as the one who has a gifted skill.

After 21 days, your child would normally be able to adapt to the grit mindset easily and make it part of their life. Teach them the basic of grit, how to develop it in their mind, help them to build resilience. Then turn that grit into a habit and help your child to adapt it slowly in their life as we are a human being, we are not used to sustaining an extreme long hour of grit and endure it. Grit is like a muscle...

you train it but at the same time it need time to relax and carry on.

Tailored to your needs

you should track the progress and be grateful: Teach your children to keep track of the progress, it can be the progress of anything like building a new habit, learning a new skill set. This will help them to see the result’s and it will keep them motivated to keep on moving further to reach their goal.

Help Your Children To Make Progress

Help your child to track the progress by maintaining a dairy and taking notes of everyday progress and once they reach the goal it will keep them feel motivated. They will be able to visualize how they have progressed to reach the goal. Help your child to make the learning process fun, something they enjoy doing, this will keep them feel motivated and they will be able to reach their goal. We are it small wins, all these small wins and progress will help them to move forward and strive continuously.


My second child was not performing well in school and he was depressed about it. I made him record the daily progress of his studies, how much he has studied every day. Even I have introduced new tricks to make study a fun learning game, he learned new methods of writing down notes, how to use colorful pen and highlighters, this kept him motivated and made him feel happy. He started to perform well at his school and even the teachers were really amazed by his changes.


Thirdly, Focus on the most important task at one time, don’t spread the focus and energy to get massive results. Teach your child to set priority, rather than multitasking and help them to learn one thing at a time, get results on one thing and then focus onto the next one. This will help them to use their energy properly. As a parent you want your child to excel in everything but as we all know time and energy is limited. So, at first, you need to prioritize the task which needs to be improved, either the academic result, a new skill set, or learning a new language.

Help your child to understand doing several tasks at a time

This will hamper their performance. Teach them to set priority and record the progress accordingly. Then let them complete each task and focus on the goal of each task so that they will be able to see the result visually.

I helped my elder son to focus on the most important task at a time. As he was missing his piano classes and not progressing at his studies either. I made him focus on his homework as soon as he arrives home and sends him to the piano class on alternative days. With less packed schedule he starts to be less stressful and improved gradually in piano classes. He begins to enjoy playing the piano and naturally, practicing became a habit for him as he finds joy from it. Once he turned practicing into a habit, he does it like a habit. Eventually, he got first in one of the competitions. This made me proud.

Furthermore, you need to help your children to find their purpose, so it becomes natural and they will not feels like being forced to do so.

Help your children to find out what they are good at...

Or whether they have something in their mind they want to achieve. They might want to learn painting, get them all the required necessities, admit them to an art class and help them to keep track of their progress so that they will stay motivated.

Raising my second son I thought he has a keen interest in mathematics, likes to build new stuff and he really loves to use Lego to build new things, I wanted him to create new things and learn something out of it. I used to buy a lot of random toys for him but he does not feel interested at all. One day I saw him reading biology book from his elder brother and he is very interested in it. So, I bought him new books on human anatomy, and he gave me a tight hug.

He is so happy that I was simply stunned. Then I know it is best to follow their interests rather than anticipating what they want. Now he is an adult and a doctor and enjoys what he do every day.

Pick Your Fight And Don't Force Them...

If I would have forced him to study a subject he doesn’t like, I would not be able to see the success that I have seen it. So, never force your child and let them choose to study in which they find happiness. They will achieve the success that you have been looking for.


There is one interesting story regarding my second son. When he was 9 years old, he wants to apply for a summer music program, the last two things he needs to do is to update his resume and take a standardized test.


A few nights ago, I asked him what his plan for those last two things was. His response was that there is no point in working on it and his plan was to not to do anything about them and submit the current version of this profile and not to get prepared for the test.

Normally I would have first told him off, and he if he doesn’t listen, I may use some threat by punishing him and made him follow my instructions.  But I didn’t. 


I took a deep breath, relaxed and I told him it was his choice whether he wanted to complete it or not.  If he was not going to apply for apprenticeships, he might lose something and in the future, he may regret it. But I wasn’t going to force him, and I was not going to drag him through the next year. 


I told him he could ask for my help anytime, but I wasn’t going to force him at all and to reminded him to keep the deadlines in mind if he was going to consider it. Because I wasn’t going to remind him anymore.


I told him to think about what he really wants and that we will support whatever he chooses.  He didn’t argue at all neither he rolled his eyes, he was just completely silent and then he left. The next day I asked if he’d decided about what to do.  He answered no, I asked if I could give him my opinion and patiently waited for the answer to be yes. I told him I believed he could do well and my husband and I would still be just as proud of him for his efforts.

He cried and asked me to leave his room...

so I left. His resume needs to be prepared by tomorrow.  I decided I wouldn’t bring it up again and I would keep my word if he decided not to put any effort at all and show him, I love him just the same as always.  He just came out of his room and said, Mom if I update my profile could you have a look at it and comment on it? I said certaintly with a smile while holding my tears. When he updated his resume, he came to me and asked if I would look at it and share my thoughts! The next day, he borrowed some books from the library and starts to prepare for the test. I don’t know if you can appreciate how huge this was, but it was HUGE for both of us.

Always Believe In THem

  • Besides, make sure to help them believe and help yourself to believe: Help your child to believe in themselves. Once they learn it, they will be more confident, and this intangible force will help them to reach their goal. Make them believe in themselves and you should believe in them too.


By seeing your belief, trust and faith that you have on them will keep them motivated. With a big level of belief, you will have a big level of action and the big level of action will lead to big results.


So, if your child does not learn to believe then they would not be able to take any action and not able to achieve anything and there will be no good results at all


My third child always felt demotivated and he literally had no self-confidence. I started to share stories of famous people and how they used to be at his age. This helped to divert his mindset and he started to realize how he can achieve anything he wants in his life if he put his mind to.


I made him love himself and see the positive side of each scenario and he did. Now he is pursuing his interest as an entrepreneur, and he is quite successful. 

I am happy that I have made him believe in himself, taught him about self-love and this helps him to reach his success.

  • You should only build a short term grit and make it a habit: People always want to build grit not only for their children but for themselves. But let’s face it, it is impossible to push yourself to do something you feel uncomfortable and be disciplined every day. This is just simply against nature will of the human being.


Girt should be built in your child’s mindset for a short period of time and let it become a habit naturally. It is difficult to have grit mindset suddenly. It takes time to get habituated to it. Build the grit mindset for a short period of time and slowly turn it into a habit bit by bit. Let us take small steps at a time.

Teach your child to understand the difference between gift and grit. A child who is gifted with photographic memory will be good at memorizing and getting good grades easier, but your child may not be able to achieve good grades at all subjects such as maths.

You can educate your children and help them to realize that they can achieve good grades by learning different techniques to study, make good notes and many other techniques which will help them to get good grades as well. Make them realize they have equal value as the one who has a gifted skill.

Remember This Tip...

  • Listen: To build confidence in your children, you want to teach them to use the word thank you instead of saying sorry every time: make them realize how being grateful is important. Thank you are used to expressing acknowledgment and gracefulness for others. This phrase is indeed very powerful which has the power to spread the warmth to those around them and as well as to themselves.
  • Instead of saying I’m sorry for being so sensitive, say thank you for accepting me the way I am
  • Instead of saying, I’m sorry for being a mess, say thank you for being gentle with me
  • Instead of saying I’m sorry that you have to help me so much, say Thank you for always being there for me
  • Instead of saying I’m sorry for being talkative, say Thank you for being such a good listener

You can see the changes in the sentence, teach them to see the difference in the impact it has by just changing a word. Make them realize the positivity, the power of happiness, how this happiness will push them towards their success.

  • Besides, you should teach them how to cultivate regular gratitude behavior and mindset: Make your child realize what they have, and they should be thankful for everything. Tell them by being grateful they will always be happy and cheerful, they will love everything they have, they will stop comparing themselves with others and will be content with what they have.

Listen to this one: would it surprise you to discover you can achieve success by using TGM on your children? When you discover the secret on how you can achieving the success that you have been yearning for your child’s, your friends will be STUNNED when they see how effortlessly your children’s have achieved success in their life when they still act as if handling children a nightmare of torture.

Now, it’s time for my most important, life-altering tip one that will virtually, singlehandedly lead you to the success in the lives of your children. The other tips we just gave you were great, but without applying THIS tip to the rest? Forget about helping your children to be happy and successful in life

This simple tip is the crux of the equation and you’ll want to turn the brain of your child from pessimistic to a positive state, forcing your child’s brain to focus on what they are reading and understanding the underlying concepts behind the daily tasks they are performing.

Here’s how it works, The Grit mindset System, which I’m about to cover in detail, is based upon this tip, and allows you to understand grit mindset, by turning short term grit into a habit.

You will forever leave behind the frustrations

you will have no doubt in experience when it comes to preparing your child’s to achieve the successful feature that you are dreaming for and all those frustrations will end TODAY. And ALL of this is happening in your life simply because you NOW have the tools. It's the little known success strategy enjoyed by the elite... and now it's your turn! You MUST AVOID this 1 common habit that is to choose the words carefully, they are like poison in the top of the shelve if you want your child to develop grit mindset and attitude. Children are sensitive, the use of proper words helps them to grow. A negative word will have a negative impact which will deprive them for proper nurturing. So be wise with words. We have discussed what needs to be improved in your children but what about your mindset? TGM helps to develop a parent’s mindset as well. So, let's discuss how can you change your mindset in TGM so that you can easily build grit mindset for your children. Try using the following positive language in your daily life

Instead of saying “Be quiet” use “Could you please talk in a softer tone “

Instead of saying Calm down, use “How can I help you?”

Instead of saying “Don’t hit” use “Please be gentle “

Instead of saying “Be quiet” use “Could you please talk in a softer tone “

Instead of saying “Don’t get upset” use “It is ok to be sad” instead

Instead of saying “I’m over this” use I am here for you instead

Choose your words wisely

You can see how the tone of the sentence has changed, how comforting the sentence sounds. This will help your child and yourself as well. You will build a great bonding with your children.

At the time you want your child to be careful, but rather than saying it directly you can use few tactics to make them understand it.

To build awareness in your child try using the following words:

  • Do you see your friends nearby?
  • Are you feeling scared?

To help your child with their problems use the following words;

  • What is your plan to finish the homework this weekend?
  • Where can you get help to solve the problem?
  • Who will be with you when you feel unhappy?

If you tell them directly to be careful, they won’t listen to you.

They will do the opposite of it and might cause trouble or harm themselves. So, careful selection of words is important.

At times parents like you find it difficult to communicate with their children to figure out how their day has been or what is bothering them. You can make a list of question and add points 1 to 10 to help them review their day. You can easily use the following questions to figure out how your children are doing each day by asking:

  • How was your day?
  • What happened?
  • Who was nice to you?
  • How did today make you feel?
  • What can you do differently to make today even better?

Just by asking this simple question you can easily help them review the day and figure them out easily and build a relationship with your children.

How To Move Things Forward And Begin Your Success

Two Choices

I think you’ll agree that we covered some valuable tips on how to help your child to build grit mindset with you today and we feel you may be a bit overwhelmed with it all, which is totally understandable,


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What TGM Is Not

To save your time, and ours, let me be upfront and tell you what The Grit Mindset System is NOT.


Before we tell you what it is. TGM is not suitable for children’s or parents who think that this is a magic bullet and once you buy it, without any effort, will build this mindset magically.


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Rather, grit mindset is the direct result of over 7 years of study, and years of research from my team.

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Your Child Success

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Here are the most common questions we receive about TGM, and the answers to help you out:

Most frequent questions and answers

The TGM is not a magic bullet, and it requires you to put in the effort with the skillset you will learn from it. Most of the parents will able to implement the strategies immediately and usually in two weeks of time, you will start to notice the behavioral difference in your children.

You will be granted access in the TGM system after purchase and get access to all content

There is no limitation on age range. For any stages in life, as an infant, or children in the college or an adult working and living their own, parents are always children home and fortress in their mind. The TGM will help parents to be wiser in the choice of words; more positive and believing in your children and will enable parents to help your children to find their purpose in life.

Yes, without changing your mindset you won’t be able to change your children\ mindset

Yes, it will narrow down the gap, it will help both the parents and children to improve their mindset.

Certainly, you can print them if you wish

While they share some similarities, which is often asked by many parents who are very eager to help their children to build a successful life. Along these lines, let me state that the ultimate goal between a growth mindset and the TGM system is small. However, if you put the methodology, the strategies and practicality, there would be a substantial difference. With this in mind, the little differences which make TGM the best tools to help parents specifically, and in turns help children to benefit from the program. The TGM is a very practical system that is not merely built on theories but with actual words and action that you can follow and take immediately. It is true there are similarities in concepts, but it’s the differences which make TGM the best buy for you today.

Each parent who purchases a copy of the TGM system will have access to our broadcast group. We will send tips, reminder and latest articles to you. This constant reminder will help you to change your habit and mindset and ultimately, help you to grow your children.

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